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Exquisite can provide buyers AMAZING weight loss, positive energy and consistent mental focus.

"Exquisite" is made from a Traditional blend of Chinese herbs that have been shown to provide the body with the perfect appetite control while producing natural feelings of Energy and Mental Focus.  With the desire to eat less and the Energy to keep going through the day, the client will not only drop the pounds, but feel great while doing so. 

"Exquisite" is like no other product on the market.

Check out my personal "Exquisite" transformation below!!

Try "Exquisite" for yourself and send us your personal testimony.

You can purchase a one-week pack at only $15.95.

"Exquisite is also available in a 60ct bottle for $59.95.

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This Picture was taken in July of 2020 on a vacation with family.  I was NOT on any kind of supplement at the time...  I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid and have tried ALL kinds of things to lose weight and be able to maintain after.  I started Exquisite with a determination to get back to my lowest weight of 155lbs from 2013 when I was running and eating clean.  I hurt my knee and had to take a break from running, so the pounds slowly piled back on since I didn't get back to that way of life.  

With a mind set to take the supplement correctly and listen to my body, I started Exquisite in late September of 2020.  At a weight of 192lbs!!  I DID NOT change my diet at that time, I simply wasn't able to eat the same amount of food.  I gradually started eating less and less and then once the pounds came down, I started making better choices.  With all the supplements I have taken, I knew that I could override them, but with Exquisite, I felt very uncomfortable when I ate more than I needed to.  Let's face it.  Weight gain or loss is all about stopping when we've had enough! 

I am Super excited to say I am now at 150lbs!!!! - I still take one of our Exquisite 2-A-Day for maintenance, but with my stomach being smaller, I have learned to eat smaller portions at meals and I feel AMAZING!!!

My personal suggestions:

Protein makes you feel fuller longer.

Get a carry out tray when you order your dinner.  Half it immediately, then put it aside to take home for later.

Stay away from foods with processed sugars including soft drinks.

DRINK water, coffee, unsweet tea, or low-calorie flavor additives.

Fruit and vegetables are your friends!! strives to offer the safest & most effective

Weight loss supplements on the market.

With 100's of pounds being reported lost by our buyers!!

Phenastin is a great option for those who need a different blend of ingredients to get their body in gear for dropping pounds and having the energy and focus to get up and get going.  As with all dietary supplements...some work better for the individual body chemistry than others.  That is why at we offer more than one option for your weight loss and energy needs.

Phenastin ingredients are listed below and as you can see this product is packed with powerful individual herbs, vitamins and minerals that come together as one amazing combination in the supplement world.  From a natural form of Caffeine to Yohimbine (an herb used to induce the body's natural thermogenic) you will be pleasantly surprised by the numbers on your scales.

This product is best taken by the directions listed for optimum results.

Get yours ordered today here at and feel the best you come to life!

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