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Below is a complete list of Loaded Teas currently offered on our site.

If you have favorites, want more than one of a kind or simply want to mix things up a little...Please feel free to mark the list and attach to your order.  We will put together the perfect PZ Loaded Tea Pick-A-Pack Bundle for your individual Tea passion.

There is no shame in being Addicted to your healthier choice of daily energy drink-packed with vitamins and Flavor.

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*If you have a favorite flavor that is not listed below, feel free to contact us and we will create the Loaded Tea mixture for you. *


Bahama Mama  

Banana Pina Colada

Banana Split

Blackberry Margarita

Blue Hawaiian

Captain America

Cotton Candy

Crazy Best Friend

Daisy Duke

Fuzzy Navel

Georgia Peach

Girl Boss

Gummy Bear

Hawaiian Sprizter


Jolly Rancher

Jamaican Me Happy

Island Girl


Jimmy Buffet

Kitchen Sink

Laila Bug

Lemonberry Splash


Malibu Barbie

Melon Berry Splash

Maimi Vice

My Sweet Sophie

Pain Killer

Peach Margarita

Peach Sangria

Pineapple Push-up

Pineapple Margarita

Pretty Peachy

Princess Lili

Russian Spice Tea

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry Daiquiri

Southern Belle


Sweet Amberly

Sweet Tart


Watermelon Sugar

Yellowstone - Beth

Yellowstone - Black Train

Yellowstone - Rip

Yellowstone - Walker