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FakeBake Flawless Self-Tanning Products

FakeBake Flawless - Original formula

This is the Original FakeBake formula.  Flawless is just that...A PERFECT tone for the best sunkissed color on any skin tone or skin color.  NO Rusty, orange or un-even tones.  You will not find a better, more natural, fast result tanning solution....You can have the best looking natural tan in just 30 minutes!!

Simple application...Shower, Exfoliate, use a small amount of lotion on any dry areas....then use the accompaning mitt for smooth, no running, no streaking, no mess application.

One application generally last up to 7 days and may be applied over the previous for a darker color if desired.

Each container may last up to 7 applications!!

FOR ONLY $32.95

FakeBake Flawless DARKER

Introducing the next best thing in Self-tanners for those with that mid-tone to darker skin color. 

The new Flawless DARKER formula will be Perfect for those darker skin tones who want that perfect evenly tanned appearance.

This product like the original formula offers a no Rust, no orange, no streaking, and no mess easy application.  Even a novice user can apply this product with the included  mitt.

You will have approxamately 7 days per application.

Each container has up to 7 full body applications. 

Buy yours today for ONLY $32.95