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Lewis Labs has combined two of the most important elements for keeping the skin, nails, hair and joints in top condition.

By adding the protein, proteoglycans to their already high-quality collagen formula, you now have the whole equation for this powerhouse product.

There are so many easy and terrific ways to combine Collagen+Proteox with any recipe without changing the flavor in any way.   This amazing Clinically proven product has ZERO taste but is packed with the first combination of these two biologically active ingredients; Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Peptides & Proteox Salmon Cartilage Proteoglycans.

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    *BETTER COLLAGEN, BETTER RESULTS: Unlike regular collagen products, the ingredients in Collagen + Proteox are clinically proven to provide significant, tangible results.
    *BETTER JOINT AND SKIN HEALTH: Proteox improves skin elasticity, skin sagging, and facial wrinkles. It also helps your body build cartilage and ease joint pain.
    *AMAZING POTENCY AND SPEED: Proteox is proven to begin working in as little as 14 days! Only a small amount of Proteox proteoglycans provide big benefits. Collagen + Proteox         provides 25 mg of Proteox for maximum results.
    *THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS. We only use the finest hydrolyzed, grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen that is optimized for absorption and contains                no hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics.         
     *Collagen + Proteox easily dissolves in hot and cold liquids.

Collagen + Proteox contains the most effective Collagen Peptides, Types I & III, as well as leading-edge nutraceutical ingredient, Proteox proteoglycans.
Per scoop, Collagen + Proteox delivers 10 grams of Collagen Peptides along with 25 mg of Proteox Salmon Cartilage, to provide significant and clinically proven results. The Collagen Peptides are sourced from grass-fed beef for healthier hair, nail, and joint health, as well as skin beauty without using any hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics. Proteox is made in small batches from a rare source in Japan using innovative, patented extraction methods for enhanced purity and effectiveness. It is proven to start working in just 14 days.


Collagen+Proteox=Proven Results 

Each serving of Collagen + Proteox has a robust 10 grams of Collagen Peptides from a wide range of sources, including Types I & III. The combination of Collagen Peptides with Proteox is what makes this product truly special and its effects are clinically proven, so you can be confident you will get noticeable results real fast.


Designed To Work Quickly 

Regular collagen products that do not contain Proteox offer results in 30 to 90 days. We believe you deserve better. The ingredients in our product have been shown to begin working in only 14 days!


High-Quality, Every Time 

Lewis Labs is a leader in high-quality supplements. This means Collagen+ Proteox is made using the finest grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen and hydrolyzed collagen to optimize absorption, without using any hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics.


The Strongest Effects 

In a study on the effects of Proteox on the skin, where only 5 mg of proteoglycans were used, showed significantly to improve skin elasticity, pore condition, blotchiness, sagging, and facial wrinkles. Only 5 mg are needed to experience results, yet we have added 25 mg of Proteox to this product!  You can enjoy skin, hair, nail, and joint health like never before.