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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Prostylz salon has been in business for 37 years.  We offer a variety of services and products to meet all your needs.

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Prostylz salon is owned and operated by Sheila and Roger Wooten of Belmont, Mississippi

Sheila has been a professional hairdresser for 39 years with a multitude of experience in all things hair.  She is all about get you the style, color, texture and products you need to have the best look you can.  With her years of experience, you are guaranteed to get the best style ever.  Sheila is also very passionate when it comes to sales.  We carry a wide variety of options, ranging from the best brands of Hair products, dietary supplements and everyday vitamin packed energy boosting loaded teas that are ready to make when you need them.

Roger has been a professional hairstylist since 2001.  He loves to cut edgy, textured styles but is very comfortable cutting in every style a client would need for the perfect look to suit the individual.  Color is also a huge part of his career.  Roger strives to stay update on all the newest trends, while maintaining a strong balance on the standards in color applications and techniques.  Prostylz salon uses the best in color brands including Pravana with silk and protein molecules for a deep penetration and lasting color.  Prostylz salon also use soft lightening agents to protect their client's hair integrity while producing true shades.


 Roger and Sheila also cut and style male clients with precision and clean lines to create the perfect look for the classic or eccentric guy.  No need for the barber shop...They will take your hair and beard to the next level.

"The fade is the rage, and we can make it happen."

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New hours of operation!!

Beginning June 6th, 2023, we will be closing on Tuesdays.

Sheila and I will be Available for appointments.

Wed-Friday from 9am-6pm

Saturday 8am-12pm


Click this link to be directed to our Loaded Tea page for more information and purchase options.  PZ Loaded Tea

Exquisite is one of the best Dietary supplements on the market today.

You really CAN lose the weight and have perfect energy throughout the day with NO crash!


This 2 per day formula gives you more options.  By taking 1 capsule with Breakfast, you will start the Fat burning and appetite control process for the day.  You can later take a 2nd capsule with lunch or shortly after to help control your appetite during the afternoon hours.  BUT!!  For those who want a bigger burst of energy and Total appetite control during the day or simply don't want to worry with taking the supplements twice per day, you can take 2-at-once.   It is recommended that you not take more that 2 capsules per day nor taking to late in your day to prevent issues with sleep.

As with any supplement....8-8oz glasses of water is highly recommened for system flush.  This also helps in making you feel fuller.  Studies show that our minds often send the same hunger signal to the stomach for food and water!

Take ONLY as directed and ask your physician before starting any dietary supplement.


1-week packs available for ONLY $15.95

60 CT bottles available for $59.95

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FakeBake products are the best on the market for that perfect Sunkissed tan with no damage to your skin from the UV rays of the Sun.

Guaranteed to be the PERFECT shade...NO rust, Orange or Uneven streaking like you get from a spray tan.

We are proud to be a number one seller of this amazing product.  This self-tanner is so simple to apply that a child could do it and it is also safe enough for them to use. 


If your looking for a safe alternative to the Sun, Tanning bed, or you need that perfect color for a special occasion...LOOK no further.  FakeBake flawless is the best on the market for that awesome quick, natural looking fix for absolutely ANY occassion or situation.

Shipping Information.

WE only ship in the US.  We use the US postal service for the FAST and Safe shipping of our products.  You will be provided a Tracking Number for your product upon shipping.  We ship with 2 days of your order and are happy to assist you in tracking your product once it leaves our office.

Romans 10:9-13  We are proudly Christian owned and operated.  We strive to live a life that would be pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ and Hope that all will come to know him as the Savior of Life unto Eternity.  Be blessed in all you do and doing it unto him for his glory and for his honor.